Bear Markets Are Easy

Being able to identify the current market regime is a very important part to trading. As a systems trader I have a very quantitative approach to things, in fact testing typical Wall Street “known” wisdom against itself is a common hobby of mine. Not to be Señor Snarkypants on Twitter but because there is all […]

Building A Trading System

Building a trading system is by far the best thing I’ve done, tactically, to improve my returns and build a real trading business. I say tactically because the real work is the mental game, being healthy, meditating and consistency. Categorizing Market Regime My initial approach is to categorize an asset(s) regime into a handful of […]

Training Camp: Miami (and a gift)

Training Camp: Miami Today marks day 5 of Training Camp: Miami! Coming into this training camp I have a few objectives: Drop 1″ around my waist Update my trading business plan Setup my trading strategies for each Forex, Future and Stocks Find a potential home base in Florida Build out this website and create […]

Becoming a Full Time Trader

Getting Into the Business When I first began trading I knew I was a trader, but didn’t understand it was a business. Back then the internet was just becoming something that was rare to find other people using. Forget coffee shops full of laptops, the computer lab at a university was likely the only place […]

Trading During 9/11 – Diary Of a Trader

The S&P 500 was down, really down, down hard, and then I heard the news on CNBC behind me. “Another plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.” I was short the S&P 500 E-mini futures, the charts had me short, my analysis. I had no idea what was causing the S&P to fall so […]

Lifestyle of a Nomadic Trader

Trading for a living is a very glamorous lifestyle, from the outside. Working from anywhere with an internet connection. No boss to answer to. No dress code. Buying and selling at a moments notice. Staring at all those beautiful charts on big monitors. Reading news voraciously. Discussing global issues over martini’s with world leaders in […]

Intermittent Fasting And Trading – A Secret Weapon

Intermittent Fasting and Trading Hi, I’m Chris. I’ve been a trader for nearly 20 years, and interested in the markets even longer than that. I’ve traded stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies and cryptocurrency. I have traded in all market conditions you can imagine, bubbles, crashes, during rocket attacks (literally), power outages, while sick in bed, […]

BTFD Works Until it Doesn’t

“You make more money when prices move from horrible to mediocre than from mediocre to amazing.” This is a thought that my Twitter buddy and founder of Morgan Creek, Mark Yusco, recently stated. Mark is one of the best minds, in my opinion, on the currency and global macro world, as well a major bull […]

Wait For The Perfect Setup

The Perfect Setup Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha, great and wise leader of the Berkshire Hathaway company and one of the best investors in history. Most everyone in financial markets quotes him on a daily basis, even those who aren’t quote him quite often, and for good reason. He is one of the most […]

Markets On the Brink of Disaster – This is Fine

Originally published on STEEMIT January 2018 This is fine, it’s fine…. Let’s take a snapshot of where we are right now. S&P 500 is at all time highs, and has been nearly every single day since 2016 Presidential Election Results, Non stop new highs is the new normal. This is fine… Oil is at two […]

Trading Doldrums – Get Away

The Doldrums of Trading Currently the cryptocurrency markets are in what we as traders call – sideway action. Or better known as the doldrums. What Are The Doldrums of Trading? The doldrums are that period of time when nothing of any significance happens and the only thing that really happens is that traders get churned. […]

Thoughts on An AI Bot

I’ve built my own slack for my own personal use, I’m working on building a chatbot through to do research tasks for me, query me for data and make my life easier. This is what my (current) ideal version of the bot would look like… me: “price spy” (and it’ll do what coinbot does […]

Nvidia- Anecdotal Non-Quant Perspective…by a Quant

NVIDIA Anecdotal Perspective TLDR; As a trader I’ve been long Chips for the past week. As a consumer/producer(?) of AI (Machine Learning) I can’t get access to high performance/highly stable equipment as readily and efficiently as I can in any other area of AWS. As we move into mining the last 4 Million bitcoins and […]

$SPY Long and Short Case

Last week and then again on Monday SPY broke out of both seams of it’s wedge pattern, last week closing below on Thursday then Friday rallying up to the very narrow top of its range and Monday closing, barely, above the top of it’s range. This is typical of a sideways consolidation pattern, vs a […]

Bitcoin Recovery In Progress

From the trading desk, light volume after the big bottom last week at 6k. That was the capitulation volume we were looking for, since then we’ve bounced 50% up to the 9k level. Any other time in BTC that would be a massive move, but not currently. BTC and cryptos are highly correlated now, as […]

What My Ideal (for now) AI Chat Bot Would Be

I’ve built my own slack for my own personal use, I’m working on building a chatbot through to do research tasks for me, query me for data and make my life easier. This is what my (current) ideal version of the bot would look like… me: “price spy” (and it’ll do what coinbot does […]